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>> coming up next on mad money, the storm can't stop cramer. he has the ceo of, plus a look at the cruise liper stocks. time now for the buck stoppedz
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here. andy? >> weak canadian job numbers led to canadian dollar weakness. watch the state of the union if president obama mentioned xl pipeline and says no go, more weakness to come for the canadian dollar. >> i'm sure the short the euro to 132. >> i'd be short aussie next week and don't be fooled by the japanese finance minister, yen will weaken. >> hopefully dollar yen will give us good fortune this week. >> your next chance for currency trade, sunday afternoon. have a great weekend. i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> he's nuts, they're nuts! they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome
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to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to make you a little money. so call me. call it a pleasant day with the dow gaining 4.9 points, nasdaq falling. we hear from annie's. now i got to tell you after the hammering that haynes celestial took, what is this company? a much more expensive natural food players have to say for itself? there is a gigantic short position in this company. could there be a more timely tell on the strength of the housing market and the
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rebuilding after sand see? total baited breath for this call. then there's ncl corporation, cruise ship tax are red hot. tuesday brings us to the avon lady in the morning. direct selling has been under a lot of attack, as we know from he he herbalife. is andrew young still playing a role? hope not. mcgraw-hill also reports tuesday. well, well, well, talk about an earnings side show, let's listen to see how the analysts try to pry some news about the justice department's investigation of s&p's ratings of mortgage-backed
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bonds, as if anyone actually cares about the earnings. we get results from michael coors, too. we're thinking of developing a great gatsby index. we heard from ralph lauren that things are smoking in this category, not just good but great. can kors deliver? i bet this high end company will be right up there. i took my daughter there earlier this year. after the close we heard from buffalo wild wings. did the super bowl's extra time thanks to the power outage make this the best super bowl ever for buffalo wild wings? we heard from dominos. we need to know. they got a whole commercial about how overtime games make them more money. wing prices down, gross margins up? we'll take a listen. now, talk about the best of best in the outlet store malls and
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shopping center real estate investment trust respectively, i bet they deliver and deliver again. these are huge winners because of steve tanger and don wood, the ceos. they deserve to be winners. wednesday we get results from mine safety aplans. i've got two words for you, merger and mania, that's what we think will swirl around mine safety this year, giving it 3m, honeywell and dupont all want to get bigger insafety. however, how are the earnings? isn't that what really matters? we never recommend stocks on takeover basis unless they have good fundamentals. europe's been crushing these guys. let's listen and find out how are the near-term prospects. the stock, one of our breaking up is easy to do from kraft, it's been a rocket ship.
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we told subscribers take something off the table. mondelez, i think you should do the same we did. then we hear from whole foods. you know how much i like this. but it's been stalled out for some time. may it at last be able to break out of the range but up or down? we think up because of the power of the whole friends of wholefoods. they are building many more stores and those stores, people love to go to them. it's one of the long plays out there. check the price baskets. those guys are not charging that much more, in many cases less than your traditional supermarket. joe kernen, listenup. thursday morning, jgenerac reports.
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i think sandy's driven it up. let's just say i fear a sell on the news story here. especially if captain nemo, our current storm, moves it up ahead of thursday. general motors also comes on thursday. can china become gm's largest market? interesting question, right? can europe stop them in their tracks like it has? will the government soon be out of the stock? we got to get some caller on the stock because some people say this is incredibly cheap stock and others say it's played out. we get results from jarden, too. we've been extremely skeptical but let's say he keeps taking over yard after yard of the aisles in target with his indispensable gadgets. i go nowhere without my jimmy
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buffet margarita mix. i bet he delivers well. pepsico as well, has performed extremely well. i would use any weakness to roll into the stock. then there's waste management. lots of talk about how the company could do a real estate trust investment diversion. i expect we'll learn if they're going into the reit structure when they report. i'm listening also for hints of a bigger dividend. waste management is revered in the industry because of their use of natural gas trucks -- natural gas as a surface fuel. friday morning we hear from imbridi
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enbridge. when we hear about gasoline tries going up, don't blame enbridge. they're piping it everywhere they can. we need more pipelines to the east coast and west coast refineries and they're very hard to get permitted. this is the most forward and forward thinking of companies, willing to put thousands of people to work to build out that peopleline network. they are just -- let's just say even though they're not wedded to fossil fuels, they're not every government's favorites. and last but not least, vf corp, at least kick the tires. if you want to benefit from the bull market, you need the best information you can find, which means reading the earnings releases and listening to conference calls sole y you kno what's happening.
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what's not actionable you can file away for a later date. the better informed you are, the bet you'll be at investing. michael in ohio, please. >> jim, this is mike in athens ohio. i'm into a brand new medical facility up today. could let them take up to $150 million in bye backs and dividends. >> i like imax. in is a stock that is often dependent on releases, too. i don't know how the release schedule looks so after the run-ins it's had recently, if you wanted to ring the register on some, let the rest run, i approve. don in oregon. >> thanks for having me back. >> i'm trying to finish the show and be able to get home. i don't want to say here for the weekend, though we did that for sandy. it wasn't so bad. go ahead, go ahead. >> i heard a rumor there was going to be some bad weather there. >> exactly.
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>> i wanted to check back in with you -- i was on your show about hasboro a few months ago, been very happy with them over the last few months. given a little bit of a slow holiday season they managed to increase dividend 11% this year and still post decent numbers. i wanted to get your thoughts on whether i should stick with hasbro. >> you nailed this one. they didn't report great earnings but gave a dividend increase and the stock went higher, a lot of demand for the company, the big toy show coming up. my take is this -- it's really important that you listen to this. hasbro was in talks at one time we know from david favor, there was rumor there were talks. stocks could be going up on takeover speculation. it is an inexpensive stocks. haldi from colorado. >> hey, jim, we could use all
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the snow if you don't need it. >> we'll shovel it for you. >> i'm peeking out of window of the house of pain. you know what the flooring material is in the house of pain, right? >> dirty linoleum. >> dirty linoleum. >> jim, what happened to copa holdings yesterday? >> i don't know what happened in copa holdings. i'll have to get back to you. but i appreciate it, howdy, the question and the snow. i'll put it right on fedex after i'm done here. lots of earnings coming out next week but most of it is unactionable. what you really want to do is get informed. when you get informed, that's going to help you with a lot of other retailers. we massage the info, we make money from socking it away.
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"mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, street smart? with housing on the mend, cramer's turning to a new kid on the block. could this fresh-faced company be the best in the neighborhood? jim's talking with the ceo of moment street to find out. and later, high seas? finding the right investment is no day at the beach, but an uptick in travel could help your portfolio take a vacation from a volatile market. tonight cramer's cruising over the details to find you a play that could mean smooth sailing. plus, second opinion? carefusion's technology helps hospitals cut cost. could its stock be your perfect elixir? cramer talks with its ceo on earnings. all coming up on "mad money." follow jim cramer on twitter.
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have a question, tweet jim, send him an e-mail or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. ♪
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standard at citibank. you know two of my favorite big picture themes for 2013 are the roaring housing recovery and the rebound in the regional banks. so how about a company that combines both of these themes into one stock, i'm talking about home street, hmst, a small seattle based community bank with 20 branches and 24 stand alone centers that came public about a year ago to not a lot of fanfare. it did jump on its first day of trading. since then this baby has never looked back, stocks up an astounding 150% from its ipo price. in 2001, 69% of its revenue from
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home mortgages. a new management team changed the loan approval process, making it more rigorous. this is a very small stock, people. it was way too small for to us talk about when it came public and even now who is a market capital of a little over 400 million, which means it's only safe to buy for speculators. on monday they beat earnings estimates by 24 cents. on the other end, it's still an undiscovered orphan, a company only covered by two analysts. it's possible wall street may not have such a great handle on this company. that's why i want to go to the source, talk to mark mason and find out more on this company and where it's headed. mr. mason, welcome to "mad money." >> good afternoon, jim.
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>> you have tree memendous pres on the web. you're returning 39.2% on equity. the peer group is returning 10%. how are you able to make that much more than the rest of your peers? >> jim, we're fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. we have been in the mortgage business since the company was fo 90 years ago. ever since that time we've been one of the most efficient, most profitable and best quality originators in the business and that continues today. >> now, you also have been able to maintain a pretty strong net interest margin. that is one of the metrics that we value banks by. how are you able to only have had a decrease in six basis points when many others are falling by the wayside on this number? >> our net interest margin is still growing. through the recession it fell fairly significantly and we're still rebuilding it. actually, by later this year we expect the margin to grow from here to something in excess of
6:20 pm
325 to 340 basis points. >> that would be fabulous. it seems your area is so robust, you're doing what ben bernanke wants to you do. you're lending a lot more and you make a lot of money. those things are marked differently. when you make loans, you get a much bigger spread than sitting around with the money, right? >> always true, jim. >> so how booming is your area you're able to make those loans? we've had national banks on, north carolina banks, georgia banks, hohio banks. they're not seeing enough growth to be able to lend in ways we think can grow. >> the mortgage business has been, as you know, in a refinancing bubble for quite a long time, since the middle of 2011 this time. and that very large mortgage volume enables us not only to be a strong seller to the agencies, which is our primary business, but also to put some of that on our balance sheet. we're also regrowing all of our
6:21 pm
traditional bank businesses, which historically had been a larger part of the profit of the business. we're not only a significant commercial real estate lender and a general commercial lender but prior to the recession we were one of the most significant lenders to the home building business. and we're now lending into that business as well. >> and that business is getting stronger, isn't it, the home building business in your area? >> it sure is. the demand for homes is rising significantly in the pacific northwest. existing home sales, by example, in our home base area, we're up some 23% in the fourth quarter year over year and housing prices were up 15% in that area. >> that is the strongest area of the country, no doubt. now, your stock trades, another way i look at stocks is to look at their tangible book value. yours trade as the 140% to book. that's not necessarily bad. that means you're growing and you have a great franchise.
6:22 pm
would you ever take your stock now that it's been so fantastic and go to what's left in tarp and buy a bank or try to buy a smaller bank to build up hawaii where you only have a few branches but that could be a great market? >> jim, that's in our strategic plan. our long-term goal is to stabilize the mortgage business and to grow the rest of our traditional banking beneficiusi to contribute equally to our bottom line. we're likely to acquire some smaller institutions to accelerate that effort. >> one last question. no cash dividend. we do like dividends here. i should just view your stock as a growth stock or not worry about dividends or is that going to come one day, too? >> jim, dividends are in our plan for this year. we've got a couple of things left to do but our board of directors has discussed it and we're hoping to be able to announce something later this year. >> mark, i got to tell you. i totally understand why your
6:23 pm
stock has been such a strong performer. thanks for coming on the show. now you know what makes great ipo, you have growth, consistency, rigor of numbers and best of breed. that's mark mason, president and ceo of home street, hmst. it's clear to me why it can keep going higher. after the break i'll try to make you more money. >> coming up, finding the right investment is no day at the beach but an uptick in travel could help your portfolio take a vacation from a volatile market. tonight cramer's cruising over the details to find you a play that could mean smooth sailing.
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feel like me? feeling down and out because of this winter weather? maybe it's time for you to take a cruise. or at least put a cruise stock in your portfolio. the cruise lines have been absolutely on fire lately. take a look at norwegian cruise. it had a huge ipo back on january 17th and has barely looked back since. this timy cruise with just 11 ships priced at $19, spiked up 30% in its first day of rallying and it's still rallying.
6:27 pm
you know what i would do if i owned the ipo, i would do registering. i would sell half my position now and half after the earnings because i don't think they will pull off the quarter. the company has a very high debt load but my real issue is nclh, the stock, has three private equity funds in it and they own more than 86% of the outstanding shares. and when the lockup period expires in about 160 days from now, you better believe they can only get pounded in a major way. but this is one of these stories we just file away. it does tell us something very important. it tells us this market is incredibly bullish on the cruise stocks. if that's the case, you really should want to own a cruise line stock. now, there are only two names in the space worth mentioning,
6:28 pm
carnival cruise and royal caribbean. before i decide to tell you which one i think is better right now, let me take a step back and explain why the story is right. we've got an environment of improving consumer confidence, both domestically, despite the payroll tax hike and around the world. that means there's more demand for luxuries like travel and leisure, ie, cruises. on the other hand, in this industry supply is everything. it's like nordic tankers, too many ships, supply brings down the price of everything. supply of ships when the global economy seemed to be in great shape, the cruise ship builders went crazy. most of the enough capacity hit the market at the worst possible time, much of them coming on at the height of the great recession. during the recession the shipping company slowed down l orders for new ships and now new
6:29 pm
capacity is decelerating. from 2000 to 2010, the number increased at a 6.6 compound annual growth rate but should increate at only a 3.3% growth rate from 2012 through 2016. there's less new capacity coming on, less supply and that means, yes, s pricing. believe me, the tanker ships wish they were happening. there's still new supply coming on. it's got incredibly high barriers for entry. you and i can't get into it if we want to get into the game. it cost between $500 million to $1 billion plus to build a new cruise ship, which is why carnival and royal caribbean are effectively a slap happy duopoly. the price of a cruise comes to
6:30 pm
about $179 a day, a bargain, a lot less thanni staying at a hol and eating the food. the cruise industry is value perifi personified. right now we're in wave season, where vacationers book over 30% of their books for the rest of the year. but last year carnival had the costa concordia disaster where their ship ran aground and flipped over and that soured the entire wave season, which made 2012 worse than it would have been. but this year wave season has been going great. in part because cruises represent such a strong value proposition in this environment. one more thing before i drill down to whether you should sail away on carnival or royal
6:31 pm
caribbean. for cruise operators, net yield is how we measure them, the purest measure of a kruds company's pricing power. net yield is the ticket price minus the cost of getting there, plus on board spending, minus any commissions paid to travel agents, all which is then divided by the number of veil cruise days. simply put, this is a metric that tells you how much the cruise companies are squeezing out of their passengers. you get a 1% change in net yield in carnival or royal caribbean, that's enough for a 7% earnings in share for either company. this is a gigantic, incredibly easy way to tell how their business is doing, like same-store sales tore retail or revenue per available room for hotels. right now the net yield is in a fabulous position to go higher, thanks to higher demand, lower
6:32 pm
supply of ships and more and more people are booking online. given that commissions are paid right to the travel agents and account for a whopping 12% of carnival cruise's total cost and those commissions are going away, i mean, can you say -- >> house of pleasure. >> so last year i told you it was time to buy the stocks into the weak nnes weakness. the timing is good here. so far they're both in the same performance boat pi think 2013 carnival surging forward maybe leaves royal caribbean trailing in its week. . not only is carnival the top dog controlling 48% of the market but has a much cleaner
6:33 pm
balance sheet with less debt and has the ability to generate huge amounts of cash, cash that the company is very generous about returning to shareholders. it yields 2.6% and carnival has the capacity to pay that dividend. they just paid out a dividend last year ahead of the fiscal cliff. but there are a couple of other factors that have changed and changed for the better. first off, fuel. they have a hedging program to handle swings in prices of fuel. carnival started a program last year that will help protect them against rising oil prices like we're having. they have more exposure to europe, 38% of its business. last year europe was a liability. this year people have adjusted to the new normal and the european economy seems to be
6:34 pm
stabilizing. kn when carnival reported, they didn't have any visibility into the coming wave season and we were still worried about an economy killing fiscal cliff dive. when royal caribbean reported, they gave us very upbeat incremental data telling us booking volumes have been running ahead of where they were last year. we call it sandbagging, making it so that the bar is so low they can make big money. i think carnival deserves to trade at a premium. here's the bottom line. the norwegian cruise ipo told us that the cruise ships are on fire back in january, the market's loving them but it was
6:35 pm
royal caribbean's earnings that let us know business is in great ship. that means you sail away, come sail away with the best of breed, which is carnival cruise. ted in arizona. ted. >> caller: jim, a warm and sunny booyah from arizona. >> a rub it in booyah, why don't you. . >> caller: i'm calling to ask about lcc, u.s. air way. i've been watching them improve operations all year and i think they're firing on all cylinders. the stock has had a nice run up but i think it's still undervalued. with the media calling the merger with american airlines imminent, is it time to ring the register? >> no, no. since the show began eight years ago, i've been bearish on the two airlines but i've had to change my tune because of what you mention, the extraordinary, extraordinary let's save noncompetitive deal about amr that you mentioned. there's way too much concentration in the industry. the government seems to let them
6:36 pm
get away with it, which means you and i are going to pay more for tickets. cruise lines, royal caribbean showed us they can put up great numbers butch i suggest sticking with best of breed, carnival corp. >> coming up, second opinion? carefusion's technology helps helicopters cut costs. could its stock be your perfect elixir? all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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it is time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready skeedaddy. starting with joe in illinois. joe. >> caller: university of illinois, booyah for you, jim! >> how about a congratulations on the upset booyah back at you. >> caller: thank you very much.
6:40 pm
good confidence booster. >> caller: i'm looking at decker's outdoor corporation. >> i'm saying this company could be acquired. i don't want you to sell it but if it comes down, i want you to buy more. pull the trig person patrick in michigan. patrick. >> caller: hi, jim. first time caller, long-time viewer. >> excellent. >> caller: i want to thank you for the good work you do for all us individual investors. >> i hope to keep trying. >> caller: my question relates to akamai technologies. >> i want to buy akamai technologies. >> let's go to jude in new jersey. >> caller: why do you always take your watch off when you do the lightning round? what do you think of colgate pal molive? >> it's the most expensive thing i have. i'm afraid i'll chip it. adam in new york? >> caller: what should i be considering for a long-term
6:41 pm
position in henry schein. >> i still think it's going to go higher. that is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> hi, jim. i want to be the first to wish you a father/daughter familiarial happy birthday booyah to you. >> calle >> thank you. >> caller: is now a good time to get into diamond foods? >> if you want to buy an almonds. i like their peanuts, i would have had them if hi bei had beee watching the super bowl. >> caller: i'd like to make a shout out to kirk marks. >> okay. >> spice has staying power.
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i spend an awful lot of time here talking about how breakups can be the key to unlock the hidden value for you, the shareholder at all sorts of big, unwieldy companies. consider the case of carefusion, spun out of cardinal health way back in september of 2009. since then the stock has rallied some 72%. i think the news is far from over. carefusion has its hand in a bunch of different business bus what they all have in common is they help hospitals save time and money by preventing things like medicare errors and hospital-inquired infections. they have a host of assets of high quality names, brands like picksus, a robot pharmacy, a leader in medication dispensing.
6:47 pm
they give patients safe intravenous infusions. carefusion has a sidable procedural solutions business where they make disposable products like iv kits and reusable surgical instruments. they reported at close yesterday and the results were pretty darn strong, earnings at 54 cents per share, a 10 cent beat. along with 160 basis point increase in the company's gross margin. very few had v that big expansion. management emphasized their m & a pipeline is very active. in addition to driving revenue growth, carefusion has generally had high growth margins. important because this is a margin expansion story. last time we spoke to carefusion
6:48 pm
is back in march of 2011. let's drillnith the chairman and ceo of carefusion. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having us back, jim. >> first of all, there isn't i didn't know i know that hasn't had the flew and some people have gotten it bad enough to go to hospitals and cvs the other day reported and they were aided by the flu. has it helped your business recently in. >> it's helped as you bit. it's not the core part of our business. most of the success we've seen recently has come from other parts of our business but certainly it gave us a bit of an uptick. >> you are like many other companies facing obama care. as a winner in the new health care system is how i regarded you. >> i completely agree. one of the things you're finding with hospital systems is they
6:49 pm
need to reduce their cost of care. they have to drive down health care costs but at the same time they have a balancing act where they have to improve patient safety. the products and technology we provide are exactly targeted in that way. we help hospitals be more efficient, help them drive out costs and hem them improve patient safety. so we win in this kind of environment. >> one of the things we've been emphasizing is the idea there are companies within companies and those companies within companies tend to be able to do much better when they've been spun off. how much has it meant to your company that you're off on your own? >> i think it's been absolutely critical. cardinal is a great company and they're a medical distribution company. we a medical technology company. you fundamentally operate those businesses in a different way. you invest different, your pnl is different, your balance sheet is different and your timeline to gratification is different. you need to invest in r & d and
6:50 pm
technology. spinning out has allowed to us do that. >> now, there is an uneven way that you made your quarter in that we saw some core prep growth lower than historical but terrific ticks up in procedural segments. is this a lumpy thing that will be smoothed over overtime or will the next quarter be a very tough comparison? >> we had a really good quarter that was bit on the successes overs last couple years. core prep was growing in the mid single digits. where you saw was across all of procedure solutions we saw an uptick after a very challenging year that we were reorganizing and reshaping that side of of the business. weep saw great strength in the infusion business and we saw a little bit of a slow down in our
6:51 pm
dispensing business but it was for the right reasons. it's because we're in the saddle in between the introduction of a new and leap frogging type of technology into the dispensing market so some of our customers have decided to lease from us for a while before upgrading to the new technology. >> that makes me feel the outperformance buy that i saw today is probably -- let's just say not that bright an idea. i think you guys are going much higher. thank you kiernen gallahue. >> carefusion, it's going higher. stick with cramer. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward
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is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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hear me out. one of the main tenets that steve jobs drilled into his colleagues' head is they must always strive to have a product that is superior to everyone
6:55 pm
else's. what's the one thing we all want but we can't seem to dream about because it seems so impossible? how about a beautiful device with high resolution, perfect screen, that can restore what we want with an audio command. it's all wired in the clouds so you can make it so can you control the thing from anywhere. most important, what if it's cheaper and better than you have right now? right now you pay for a box or two or three, you pay for a cell phone, you pay for cable and you have to pay multiple organizations. what about offering it all, or least the channels you want to pay for them in an easy to navigate package in an easy to navigate bill? what about a one-stop
6:56 pm
entertainment and technology company. no company has the ability to build out a new network from scratch except from apple. time warner could be up for grabs or let's just scale it down. have apple buy dish or directv. none of these is absurd. disney could be bought at a 50% premium to its current price and apple still wouldn't need to borrow money. cbs is just a year's worth of cash. apple can buy the fox part and have some $80 billion worth to pay some dividend. time warner, similar math. verizon or ifios, just write thm a check. why not cut verizon a check for say $40 billion, although alas it only takes $20 billion to complete.
6:57 pm
verizon couldn't be unhappy with that creation of shareholder value, big ager dividends for a or maybe apple spends $33 billion for them, chump change for directv and gives you what you want for half of what you're paying now. and while i'm at it, they should buy netflix, too. i'm not kidding. i'm not even ruling out buying facebook given that amount of capital. they could do that, too. maybe the issue is it's just too pedestrian. we've been thinking ceo cook can't roll the tables company the way jobs did. but maybe because apple and apple only has the cash to do all these initiatives doesn't matter. they have more money, enough
6:58 pm
money to make all that happen and still pay a higher dividend. maybe apple doesn't have a depression mentality after all, it is just realistic of rolling out of price tag. cash, cash is still king. stick with cramer.
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